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About PIPS Security database

Conflict, insecurity and violence are among the core thematic areas that the Pak Institute for Peace Studies focuses in its research-and-analysis and policy advocacy initiatives for peace and stability in Pakistan and wider region. When PIPS started to work as an independent research institute in last quarter of 2005, it found that the only account of available data on these subjects consisted of either day-to-day media reports of conflicts and incidents of violence and terrorism etc. in Pakistan or the literature coming from Western sources, which lacked the local context and understanding. Secondly, most of the western and local research on conflict and insecurity in Pakistan did not have strong empirical base probably due to its increased focus on theoretical perspective and less reliance on field work and firsthand data.

The PIPS has been striving since 2006 to develop a comprehensive database on conflict and security issues at national level through a continuous monitoring and documentation of each and every incident happening in the country on daily basis. The diversified info tracks containing details of terrorist and insurgent attacks, inter-tribal infightings and inter-tribal sectarian clashes, sectarian related terrorism, ethno-political violence, cross-border attacks and clashes, operational attacks by the security forces and their clashes with militants, kidnappings, and search and arrest operations by the law enforcement agencies are maintained on daily basis by monitoring the print and electronic media closely. Each and every incident is given special attention regarding its nature, casualties, tactics used by terrorist groups, their targets, weaponry they use and their capabilities. A strong follow up is also observed in every incident and case by strong liaison with the PIPS correspondents in conflict zones as regards the day-to-developments on the incidents.

Other features of the PIPS database are regularly updated profiles of conflict zones, militants groups and commanders, and PIPS archives in hard binding. The PIPS is gradually expanding its database to include in it the data on domestic and inter-state conflicts in South Asia.

After about six years’ rigorous exercise to develop and maintain a credible database on conflict and security the PIPS has launched this online database web portal that is anticipated to work as a baseline data and a permanent source of independent information for local, regional and international organizations and individuals to map militant and security landscape of Pakistan and carry out research and analysis on issues related to conflict, insecurity, violence and terrorism etc.