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Al-Azhar University’s Peace Caravan stresses world peace, calls for shunning violence

A visiting delegate from Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar University said that the extremist elements have nothing to do with Islam. The delegate’s head, Dr. Yusuf Amen, a professor at Al-Azhar University, underscored the need for peace, as advocated by Islam, saying that the world cannot progress without peace. “Those on the wrong path should come back”, he said, adding that Islam forbids the killing of fellow Muslims.

He made these remarks at an iftar dinner, participated by over 50 representatives of different religious institutions and civil society in Pakistan. Other members of the delegation, known as “Peace Caravan” were Dr. Reham Abdullah, assistant professor at Al-Azhar’s girl branch, and Ms. Asma Shaban, a research scholar.

Welcoming the delegation, PIPS’s Director Muhammad Amir Rana said that the arrival of such delegates would help keep peace intact in Muslim countries.

Sharing details of the Caravan, Dr. Rehman said that it is mean to activate the role of religious scholars in bringing peace, so as to secure the Muslim world from external interventions and internal dangers.

Taking part in the discussion, spokesperson of Wafaq-ul-Madaris, Abdul Qadoos Mahmudi, said that the Muslim world faces a lot of challenges, which need to be tackled through mutual harmony and unity. “We should understand each other; listen to each other, and let others speak”, he said, appreciating the utility of avenues promoting dialogue. “Peace is must”, he stressed, “to carry out any activity.”

Mufti Gulzar Naeem suggested that scholars of Egypt and Pakistan should unify their efforts in fighting the challenges the Muslim world is facing these days.

Television anchor Khursheed Nadeem highlighted the roots of extremism in the Muslim world have often been traced to the two countries, besides the fact that they host a multitude of faiths. These faiths alone call for promoting the tradition of dialogue.

Scholar Khalid Masoud noted that the arrival of a caravan carrying the message of peace offers fresh air for Pakistan where often armed groups are discussed.