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19 terrorist attacks killed 16 in Pakistan in June 2018: PIPS June 2018 report

  • All these attacks concentrated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan

Islamabad (PR) – Two less from the month before, a total of 19 terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan during June 2018. These attacks were largely perpetrated by the Taliban and other militants with similar objectives, as well as Baloch insurgents, and killed 16 people – compared to 31 in previous month – and injured 34 others.

Among those 16 killed in terrorist attacks in June were 6 civilians, 9 personnel of security and law enforcement agencies, and one militant; those injured included 15 civilians, 18 security personnel and one militant.

A total of 8 terrorist attacks took place in 5 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) in June 2018 including 3 in erstwhile FATA districts that are now districts of KP. These attacks killed in all 6 people – 4 policemen, 2 civilians – and injured 14 others. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and some local Taliban groups were involved in terrorist attacks in KP.

Up about 57 percent from the month before, as many as 11 terrorist attacks took place in Balochistan in the month of June 2018. These attacks claimed 10 lives – compared to 17 in the previous month – and injured another 20 people. Among those killed were 4 civilians, 5 security personnel – 3 FC men and one policeman and Levies each – and one militant.

No terrorist attack also took place in Punjab and Sindh provinces as well as other regions of Pakistan.

Over 58 percent of the total terrorist attacks in June 2018 targeted security forces and law enforcement personnel across Pakistan. Civilians and political leaders were targeted in 3 attacks each.

The number of cross-border attacks further fell from, from 17 in April and 11 in May to 9 on June 2018 (4 each from India and Afghanistan and one from across Iranian border); the number of people killed in such incidents however increased from 17 in May to 19 in June.

Security agencies conducted 3 operational strikes against militants in June 2018, 2 in Balochistan and one in KP. These actions killed 14 militants besides 2 army soldiers, and injured 4 policemen, 2 FC personnel and 2 civilians.

When counted together, 36 incidents of violence of different types took place in Pakistan in June 2018 that claimed the lives of 60 people and injured 106 others.