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17 attacks killed 34 in Balochistan and KP in September 2018

17 attacks killed 34 in Balochistan and KP in September 2018

No act of terrorism reported from Punjab, Sindh, AJK, and GB: PIPS monthly security review of Pakistan

Islamabad (PR) – Two less than previous month, 17 terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan in September 2018, which claimed 34 lives.  Out of the reported 17 attacks, 10 happened in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and 7 in Balochistan; no terrorist attack was reported from any other region of the country.

Those 34 killed in these attacks included 18 personnel of security and law enforcement agencies (9 army soldiers and as many Levies), 7 civilians, as well as 9 militants, who were killed in retaliatory fire following some attacks.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Jamaatul Ahrar and local Taliban groups were involved in reported 10 terrorist attacks from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), which claimed 22 lives – compared to 6 in the month before – and injured 9 others.

In Balochistan, Baloch nationalist insurgents stepped up attacks in September 2018 after a month of relative relief. As many as 12 people lost their lives and as many others were injured in 7 reported attacks perpetrated by different Baloch insurgent groups, mainly the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and Baloch Republican Army (BRA). Religiously inspired militants and violent sectarian groups launched no attacks in Balochistan in September.

About 59 percent of the total reported attacks in Pakistan in September targeted security forces and law enforcement personnel; most of the reported casualties also resulted from these attacks (71 percent of deaths and 81 percent of injuries in total terror attacks).

Posting a 125 percent increase from the month before, a total of 11 cross-border attacks happened in September 2018, including 9 from across the Indian and 2 from Afghan border. Six people were killed and another one was injured in these attacks.

Security agencies conducted 3 anti-militant operations and entered in a same number of armed clashes or encounters with militants. In all, 19 militants were killed in these operations and clashes; 4 army soldiers and 2 FC men also lost their lives.

In all, 35 incidents of violence of different types took place in Pakistan in September 2018 that claimed the lives of 67 people and injured 32 others.