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20 attacks killed 64 people in Pakistan in November 2018: PIPS monthly report

Islamabad (PR) – Compared to 28 in previous month, a total of 20 terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan in November 2018. These attacks claimed 64 lives in all – compared to 28 in previous month – and injured 80 others. Among those 64 killed in terrorist attacks in November were 48 civilians, 13 personnel of security and law enforcement agencies – 3 FC men, 3 policemen, 6 army soldiers, and one paramilitary – and 3 militants.

These statistics were revealed in PIPS monthly report, which also said though the number of terrorist attacks declined from previous month, yet the consequent casualties surged mainly due to a major suicide blast reported from Orakzai tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

A surge in terrorist activity that was observed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during previous month continued in November. As many as 13 terrorist attacks took place in the province, including a major suicide blast, which claimed 51 lives and injured 53 others.

In all, five terrorist attacks took place in Balochistan that claimed 4 lives and injured 18 others.

Two terrorist attacks took place in Karachi including a major terror bid against Chinese consulate in the city. Both these attacks were perpetrated by nationalist insurgents including one by Baloch insurgent group BLA. Nine people were killed in these attacks – 4 civilians, 2 policemen and 3 militants – and as many others were injured.