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Militants continued terrorist onslaught in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan in July 2019: PIPS monthly security report

Islamabad (PR) – Posting a decline of 20 percent from the previous month, as many as 20 terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan during the month of July 2019. In all, 37 people lost their lives and 112 others were wounded in these attacks.

Out of the total 37 people killed in the terrorist attacks in July, as many as 20 were personnel of security and law enforcement agencies (10 army soldiers, 4 FC men and 6 policemen), and 16 were civilians, besides one militant.

These statistics were revealed in Pak Institute for Peace Studies’ (PIP) monthly security review of Pakistan for July 2019.

As in the month before, militants continued terrorist onslaught in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly in DI Khan and North Waziristan. As many as 14 reported attacks from the province killed 22 people and injured 50 others during the week under review.

As many as 5 terrorist attacks took place in Balochistan during the month of July 2019. These attacks claimed 13 lives – compared to 12 in previous month, which included 9 civilians and 4 FC personnel; 61 others were also injured.

While one terrorist attack claimed two lives in Karachi, no such attack was recorded in Punjab and other region of the country.