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Terrorist violence returns to Sindh: PIPS monthly security review

Islamabad (PR) – In terms of casualties in terrorism-related incidents, Sindh was the most affected region of the country in June 2020. It has happened after a long time that Sindh including Karachi witnessed such a terror spree, where Baloch and Sindhi nationalist insurgent groups perpetrated six attacks claiming 12 lives and wounding 17 other. Apart form attacks by the Sindhudesh Revolution Army (SDRA) and Sindhudesh Liberation Army (SDLA) in parts of Sindh, the banned Baloch separatist group Balochistan Liberation Army claimed one major terrorist assault in Karachi, targeting the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).
Meanwhile, as in the month before, seven (7) terrorist attacks happened in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the month under review. These attacks claimed seven lives and injured eight others. One terrorist attack also happened in Rawalpindi district of Punjab. Meanwhile, no terrorist attack or violent incident of any other type was recorded in Balochistan.
On the whole, 14 terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan, which claimed 20 lives and injured 40 others. Among those killed in terrorist attacks in June were 9 personnel of security forces (5 army soldiers, 2 policemen and 2 Rangers), six civilians as well as five militants.
On the whole, situation at the Line of Control (LoC) remained tense, where 14 cross-border attacks by Indian borer security force (BSF) claimed seven lives and injured 15 others. One cross-border attack also happened from Afghanistan.

One less than in the month before, two (2) anti-militant operational strikes by security forces were reported during the month under review; both from KP. As many as two suspected militants were killed in these actions. Security forces also entered into an armed clash with the militants in North Waziristan, in which two militants were killed.

When counted together in 36 different types of reported incidents of violence in June, as many as 31 people lost their lives in Pakistan in June and 62 others were injured.