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Dr Rubina Saigol: PIPS mourns the passing of noted scholar, dear friend

Islamabad, August 27, 2021: Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) has expressed great sadness over the passing of Dr Rubina Saigol.

A PIPS statement released to the media on Saturday read: “Pak Institute for Peace Studies joins countless people and organisations today who are deeply saddened by the demise of Dr Rubina Saigol, a scholar and educationalist par excellent.

In addition to that collective sense of loss, PIPS also mourns the passing of a dear friend. PIPS had been a direct beneficiary of not only Dr Saigol’s expertise but also the generosity with which she offered it.

As a member of PIPS Advisory Board, Dr Saigol’s wise counsel was a constant source of guidance to the organization, in its formative years and beyond. Despite her many engagements, Dr Saigol always endeavored to make time to join various PIPS programmes.

Her stance on matters as diverse as human rights, education—including excessive state control over curriculum—nationalism, and counter-terrorism was as principled and unambiguous as it was fearless. Dr Saigol’s views, including her extensive writings, will continue to light the path for those who follow in her illustrious footsteps. The thoughts and prayers of the PIPS family are with her friends and family at this difficult time.”