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Consultation on Promoting Narratives of Diversity, Inclusion, and Peace among Youth

Therefore, PIPS initiated a countrywide educational and training program to sensitize university-enrolled youths about fundamental concepts and values of democracy, human rights, equity, critical thinking and reasoning, constitutionalism, and rule of law etc. Under the initiative, educational and training workshops were held in four provinces and the federal capital in which over 740 university students were engaged. In Balochistan, over 100 students were engaged in three two-day workshops in Quetta. During the workshops, surveys and interviews were also conducted to assess the youths’ worldviews and opinions on diverse issues relating to interfaith relations and social peace and cohesion. The collected data provide useful insights into thinking patterns among the youth. The findings of the report were launched in Quetta with government ministers, lawmakers, academicians, media persons, and others in attendance. And based on these findings and PIPS’ previous studies and observations, a two-day consultation was also held with political leaders, policymakers and practitioners, members of academia and legal fraternity, and senior journalists in Quetta.