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PIPS publications: ‘Arabs in Afghan Jihad’ hits bookstalls

‘Arabs in Afghan Jihad’ (by Muhammad Amir Rana and Mubasher Bukhari) is a first-ever research effort to outline and comprehend the role of Arab mujahideen and Arab Charities during anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. The entire research work is based on primary sources. Besides identifying and elaborating the interaction of Arab Mujahideen with the Pakistani and Afghan jihadi forces and groups, this book also discusses in length the training operatives, camps, geo-strategic locations and fronts where they got training and joined fighting later.

This work is believed to serve as a primary database with diversified profiles of Arab Nationals, Arab Charities, training camps, and ideological and financial parameters of key Arab personalities and groups to have better insight into the role of Arabs in Afghan jihad. An extended chapter also gives information about the Al-Qaeda suspects arrested from Pakistan during the period from January 2002 to May 2006.

A preview edition of the book is available on special prices.