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British Muslims’ delegation visits PIPS

A British Muslims’ delegation, which is on Pakistan’s tour these days, visited PIPS. Purpose of the visit was to have an introduction of the Institute and its ongoing projects. The delegation shared the purpose of their visit with the PIPS staff. They mentioned that they seek to remove misconceptions existing in the West, in general, and in Britain, in particular, regarding Pakistan and the Muslims. The delegation also expressed their desire for having new ideas to develop a better understanding and correct the country’s image in the West.

Safdar Sial, a research fellow at PIPS, gave a presentation to introduce the Institute and its activities to the delegation. The presentation was followed by a very lively question-answer session. Issues, like, misconceptions in the west regarding Pakistan, and, in Pakistan about the West, were discussed in detail. Emphasis was laid on the need to address and clarify these misconceptions and to create a better understanding. The phenomenon of radicalization in Pakistan also came under discussion.

The delegation appreciated the research work being carried out at PIPS. Among the delegates were Mohammed Imran, Muslim Youth Helpline; Zareen Roohi Ahmed (Head of Muslim Engagement at Waterhouse Consulting Group), Adeeba Malik (Chief Executive of QED-UK), Azeem Ibrahim (Chairman European Commerce and Mercantile Bank), Shaheen Taj (Founder and Director All Wales Saheli Association) and Mockbul Ali (Islamic Issues Adviser in Foreign & Commonwealth Office).