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Govt. urged to work whole heartedly to end conflict in Balochistan

Although we could not prevent them but there is still possibility to resolve the conflicts in Balochistan and reduce the miseries of the Baloch people if the new government works upon it whole heatedly, the participants in “A Dialogue on Balochistan” observed this on June 27. The dialogue was held by the Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), in Islamabad, to discuss its recent published book: “Balochistan: Conflicts and Players”. The discussants represented academia from universities in Islamabad. Former Senator, Sanaullah Baloch and Muhammad Usman Advocate from Balochistan also participated in the dialogue.

The participants shared their views on the lingering conflicts and problems of insurgency in the province. Dr. Aysha Siddiqa Agha, author of the Military Inc., asserted that a constructive interference between all the key players engaged in the province, and based upon it, a unanimous policy initiative was a dire need of time to conflict resolution and management in the province. Sanaulla Baloch seconded her view and stressed on the need of understanding the Balochistan in its historical perspective to win the confidence and trust of the Baloch people.

Dr. Sohail Mahmood, professor at the Department of Politics and International Relations, International Islamic University Islamabad, pointed out that there was a realization among the top military brass that military intervention in politics never helps. He was of the view that the realization was positive and may help in resolving the national problems.

Usman Advocate drew the attention of the audiences towards the Baloch sense of discrimination against their culture and values. He said that the Baloch culture, particularly its music, is among the best in the world. But, Pakistan Television (PTV) does not pay any attention to it and continues to ignore it.

Dr. Nazir Hussain, Professor, and, Shabana Fayyaz, Assistant Professor, Defense & Strategic Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, also spoke at the occasion. Nazir Hussain pointed out that the federal government recently had taken some positive initiatives like enhancing the job quota for the Baloch and promotion of five senior officials in the province. Shabana Fayyaz said that attention must also be paid to the role of intellectuals and media in the whole situation.

They also furnished their analyses and comments regarding the publication under discussion. Along with appreciating the initiative undertaken by the PIPS, the participants made suggestions to improve the study further. They were of the view that the publication was a step towards understanding the gravity of the conflicts in Balochistan.

In the end, Director PIPS, Muhammad Amir Rana, thanked the guests.