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Pakistan’s Evolving Militant Landscape: State Responses and Policy

The militant landscape in Pakistan has become increasingly diverse, with religiously motivated, nationalist insurgent, and sectarian groups gaining momentum. This shift has been particularly noticeable since the rise of the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan. At a time when a major shift is happening in the militant landscape of the country and a political transition is taking place, it is imperative to reevaluate the evolving positions and strategies of not only the militant groups but also the newly formed governments.

In light of this context, PIPS undertook a firsthand, empirical investigation into the expanding terrorism landscape in the country, scrutinising the formation of new alliances and networks among terrorist groups, mapping the geographical spread of insecurity and violence, and assessing their ramifications for both domestic and regional security paradigms, among other things. The insights gleaned from this investigation were subsequently utilized to formulate context-specific policy recommendations on how to manage or prevent the negative fallout from evolving Afghanistan situation on Pakistan and the region.