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Leading newspapers wrote editorials on findings of Pakistan Security 2017

Ever since its release,Pakistan Security Report 2017” has been quoted extensively by media; leading newspapers of Pakistan also wrote editorials on the findings of the report, suggesting that the findings be taken seriously.

The News, a leading national newspaper, presented the report’s findings to warn against repeating the “mistake of focusing exclusively on the tribal areas”. The editorial said:

“Much of our focus in fighting the war against militancy has understandably been in the tribal areas and the border regions with Afghanistan where militant groups have their main bases. But a new report by the Pak Institute of Peace Studies shows that outfits like the Islamic State are now gaining ground in Sindh and Balochistan.”
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The Express Tribune complimented PIPS; its lead editorial titled “Terrorism – a crucial examination” read:

“For those with the motivation and skills to seek out objective evidence of the penetration and effectiveness of extremists and terrorists there is no shortage. That motivation rarely extends to the political cadres, whose unwise statements on the ‘eradication’ of terrorism occasionally litter the media. Thus it is that we should be thankful for organisations such as the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) which has just issued a detailed report.” (Click here for complete editorial.)

Daily Times, a Lahore-based daily, basing PIPS report, called for engaging with neighbours and neutralizing militants’ network. The editorial read:

“Findings of research conducted by Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies highlights that the country’s battle against militancy is far from over. The research also reaffirms that the only viable way to proceed in this battle is through regional cooperation — with neighbouring Afghanistan, India, and Iran — and efforts to find a political solution to the insurgency in Balochistan.”
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Pakistan Today referred to PIPS report on the “far great threat presented by IS fighters fleeing from Iraq and Syria.” The editorial warned:

“Now the chickens are coming home to roost for all. Findings of a local think- tank, Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, while showing an overall 16 percent decline in terror incidents during 2017, with TTP still the chief assassin, ominously reveal that six terror assaults claimed by IS took an appallingly high toll of 153 innocents killed, in its (so far) targeted Balochistan and northern Sindh.”
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Business Recorder too brought to attention the threat from IS, besides presenting the figures tallied by PIPS. The paper also drew attention to interview in the report, with National Security Advisor; the editorial read:

“What needs to be done has already been identified in the political consensus-based National Action Plan. It must be fully implemented without any further let or hindrance. In an interview with PIPS, National Security Adviser Lieutenant-General Nasser Khan Janjua (retd) is quoted as saying that the ‘national security policy’ has been finalized and is under government review. Notably, at a recent meeting of the National Security Council, he was also given the responsibility to prepare a counter-extremism policy. It is yet to see light of the day. There is no time to be wasted in shuffling proposal papers, concentrated action must be taken to eliminate terrorism, root and branch.”
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