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Crisis of political development and human rights violations

There is a deep correlation between the crisis of political development ? multidimensional in definition ? and violations of human rights in a state or society. Key research at micro and macro level supports the hypothesis that a country suffering from the former is prone to the latter. The higher the intensity of the  crisis,  the  greater  the  incidence  of  rights  violations  are,  as  is  evident  in  the  case  of  many underdeveloped  and  third  world  countries.  The  crisis  of  political  development,  an  unfortunate phenomenon present in many underdeveloped and developing countries, has direct implications for the realization, or denial, of human rights in those societies. The pursuit of human rights being indispensable to mankind, as they pledge happiness, dignity and development of mankind, faces a setback in societies where the crises exist.
This paper is an attempt to highlight the co-relation  between the crisis and its impact on  human rights and,  based  on  the  theoretical  framework,  focuses  on  how  the  political  development  syndrome undermines human rights. The paper is divided into three parts – the first section analyzes human rights and  their  indispensability  to  a  happy  society;  the  second  succinctly  defines  the  five  crises  of  political development; and the third examines how human rights are jeopardized by the crisis. The nature of the study is qualitative as well as theoretical.

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