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National Policy brief-6 Youth Engagement Program


• This policy brief summarizes the findings of the sixth working group’s meeting on Counter-Violent Extremism (CVE). The meeting, which was part of a PIPS-led exercise to strategize response options to CVE in Pakistan, explored how youth can be engaged beforehand so that they are not radicalized in the future.
• Group members underscored that youth radicalization be understood as a social phenomenon which cuts across different divides. However, multi-dimensional accounts of different sets of youth should be considered in the processes of understanding and preventing radicalization in youths.
• Young people are called to dream big and nurture idealistic notions, but because there is no voice in the mainstream to translate those notions into reality, many of them become prone to fall for radical groups, like the Islamic State (IS) group, who too make promises for an ideal/fantasy....

Event Report:
Reviving inclusive spaces will enable young people to resist extremism

Publisher: Pak Institute For Peace Studies (PIPS)