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Conflict and Peace Studies, Vol-5, No-1, Jan-Jun 2013

0 673

Editor: Muhammad Amir Rana
Associate Editors: Najam U Din, Safdar Sial


Publisher: Pak Institute For Peace Studies (PIPS)



Afghanistan and Pakistan: A Common Security Perspective
Muhammad Amir Rana and Safdar Sial

Culture of Violence versus Culture of Silence: Civil Society Responses to Extremism and Terrorism in South Asia
Arshi Saleem Hashmi

Factors of Anti-Americanism in Middle East and Pakistan
Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi

Role of Religious Scholars in Counter Radicalization and Deradicalization Strategies in Pakistan: The Need and the Scope
Safdar Sial

Regional View

Pak-Iran Relations: Views of Political and Religious Parties
Najam U Din and Maryam Naseer

Evolution of Militant Groups in Pakistan (III)
Muhammad Amir Rana

Pakistan: A Society in Perpetual Turmoil
Zubair Torwali

Book Review

"Pakistan: A Hard Country" by Anatol Lieven
Safiya Aftab