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Regulating Broadcast Media: Challenges & Reforms

Book Cover: Regulating Broadcast Media: Challenges & Reforms
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On 21 July 2016, more than 50 media professionals including journalists, media trainers, regulators, participated in the International Conference on Media Regulations in Islamabad. Participants shared thoughts on the need for regulating the broadcast media in Pakistan and how to do that effectively.

The conference was organized by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), through the support of International Media Support (IMS).

This report encapsulates the conference discussion. PIPS may not necessarily agree with all views expressed in this report, which are extracted from the conference.

The report has been made with due diligence. Any error found would not be intentional or deliberate.

This resource has been produced by PIPS with assistance of International Media Support under a media development program for Pakistan supported by DANIDA.