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Youth Engagement in Pakistan: Baseline Evaluation and Way Forward

Book Cover: Youth Engagement in Pakistan: Baseline Evaluation and Way Forward
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This report is an empirical account of the nature and scope of youth engagement in Pakistan and how it can be improved to yield better results and impact. It also explores, based on a comprehensive survey, Pakistani youth’s emerging thinking patterns and sociocultural, political and ideological-religious standpoints, as well as challenges like violent extremism and ideological radicalism. One section, in particular, explains the ways and strategies that can be employed in effectively engaging the youth for the purpose of promoting peace and harmony and reducing the appeal of violent extremism in the youth. Finally, this report lists a range of recommendations for improving the existing programs of youth engagement, investing into less explored and relatively new avenues of engagement, and better strategizing methodologies, themes and frameworks for engaging the youth.

PIPS believes that the report will contribute in improving empirical knowledge base on the best possible ways and strategies of youth engagement. It also anticipates that the report will increase the focus and ability of the state institutions and civil society organizations to unfold and their potential and energies for improving determinants of socioeconomic and political development and a positive social change.

Publisher: Pak Institute For Peace Studies (PIPS)