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Role of Post-Noon Engagements of Madrassa Students in Radical Orientation


Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) would like to thank all those individuals and institutions which were involved in producing this study. The study was designed to assess the day-to-day activities of the students after their study hours. The purpose was to learn whether those activities, especially after noon when the classes are over, are, in any case, responsible for radicalizing them. The study would not have been possible without Dr. Qibla Ayaz taking charge of it. Together with PIPS, Dr. Ayaz led this report by selecting seminaries, visiting them, surveying the students, interacting with them and their teachers, and consolidating his findings in this report. In Islamabad, he was assisted by Mr. Sabookh Syed, to whom a special thank is also due. We are also thankful to the five seminaries that agreed to participate in the survey. They are Jamia Abu Hanafia, Peshawar; Jamia Junaidia, Peshawar; Jamia Asaria, Peshawar; Jamia Naeemia, Islamabad, and Jamia-e-Muhammadia, Islamabad. Views expressed in this report are those of the author. PIPS or any other institution bears no responsibility for them. PIPS has made every effort to ensure accuracy in the report; any error found is not intentional.