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Charter of Peace

Book Cover: Charter of Peace
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This report entails details on and endorsements by political, religious leaders, civil society, and others of the Charter of Peace developed by PIPS. The Charter of Peace includes recommendations on bringing sustainable peace in Pakistan. It is built on a positive concept of peace with a vital role of softer approaches. It mentions all key drivers of violence and extremism in the country be it weak democratic structure, socioeconomic inequality, gender discrimination, unavailability of economic opportunities, and others. The need for adopting and endorsing the documents like the Charter of Peace has only grown more urgent with the Taliban regaining power in Afghanistan and a clear uptick in security-related incidents in Pakistan in recent months. The Charter of Peace has been built in light of the Charter of United Nation and other global and regional peace initiatives endorsed by Pakistan. It can be adopted as a comprehensive policy document that guides Pakistani policymakers on key changes and main focus areas to connect Pakistan's efforts for peace with the established global norms and policies.


Publisher: Pak Institute For Peace Studies (PIPS)