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Strengthening Governance in Pakistan

Book Cover: Strengthening Governance in Pakistan
Part of the Reports series:

Pak Institute for Peace Studies conducted this study with the collaboration of
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Pakistan. It maps the NAP implementation status across
Pakistan and evaluates its success and impact. It also provides policy
recommendations on countering extremism and terrorism, including through NAP,
using local, empirical insights from across Pakistan. PIPS sincerely thanks
Muhammad Amir Rana for overseeing the study in all phases, from data collection to
report writing. Special thanks go to Safdar Sial for developing the analytical
framework, tabulating and analysing the data, and drafting the report with generous
support from Ahmed Ali and Najam U Din. The Institute is really grateful to all those
who helped in making the fieldwork possible during the difficult times of the Covid-
19 pandemic, especially Abdullah Dayo, Zia Ur Rehman (in Karachi), Sabookh Syed
(Quetta & Gilgit-Baltistan), Shahzada Zulfiqar (Quetta), Shozab Askari (Islamabad &
Lahore), and Aqeel Yousufzai (in Peshawar). Last but not least, PIPS would like to
express its gratitude to Najam U Din for editing the final report.

Publisher: Pak Institute For Peace Studies (PIPS)